Meet The Budget Girl

budget GIRL


My name is Ashley and I am a Kansas girl who somehow ended up in North Carolina with my high school sweetheart. We have been together going on 17 years and will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this June. We have 2 beautiful children and live on 10 acres with several animals.

Our debt free journey started when I came across Dave Ramsey’s plan in April of 2015. I have been hooked ever since. We became debt free in October 2016 and have begun saving our emergency fund. Now I hope to help others in their journey to escape the chains of debt and to live happier lives.

Thank you for stopping by as I work on figuring out this crazy world that is blogging. My husband thinks this is another one of those things that I am going to obsess about until something else comes along but I am determined to make this blog a success.





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