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Social Media Management

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Are you struggling to increase your following on Facebook or Pinterest?

Do you have time to keep up with posting and scheduling?

Do you spend hours a week on Facebook and no-one sees your posts?

I can help you increase your following and keep up with posting appropriate content. I have helped numerous pages increase their following and I can help you as well! I can create graphics, find content, reply to messages and comments, and manage Facebook ads.

I am an experienced social media manager that can assist you with increasing your following and in turn your profit. It is difficult for small businesses and bloggers to have time to do everything. I can help you get your time and energy back by managing your social media accounts. I specialize in Facebook and Pinterest management.

Facebook Management

Facebook is an ever changing platform that requires staying up to date on algorithm changes and best practices. It is the most difficult platform to use for social media, yet it is the most important. I have taken numerous classes specifically for Facebook and Facebook ads.

Did you know that having a viral post on Facebook is not about luck but about being strategic with your posts?

Did you know that using certain “bad” words on Facebook will hurt your reach?

I have been able to help others increase their website page views by over 800% just from Facebook.  

I have increased several pages Facebook reach by over 1500%!

Increasing your presence on Facebook is all about having a plan, learning what your readers want and will engage with, and targeting an engaged audience when doing ads.

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Pinterest Management

I have also taken several classes on growing your Pinterest following and sales funneling with Pinterest. Pinterest should be your biggest referer for traffic to your website. It is just like Google but with pictures. Realizing that it is not a social platform and really a search engine, is imperative when managing your account.

I have had Pinterest views at over 1 million in a month!


“Ashley helped make my life 100% easier with her services. When she offered help, I was so far behind, I was working 15+ hours a day 7 days a week, with 2 kids to top it off. Ashley’s social media plan left me with the precious extra time I needed. The engagement on my pages grew drastically and her creativity was fresh and unique. HIGHLY recommend Virtual Assistance by Ashley!”

“Having a new small business and working full-time is hard, but thanks to Ashley I was able to get a schedule going for my social media, create a website, and gain more followers. I would highly recommend Ashley’s services to anyone looking to boost their business or someone who just doesn’t have the time to maintain their presence alone anymore! Ashley is professional and will make you believe in yourself and your business! Thanks, Ashley!”

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