An Honest Review of Shape Mags Magnetic Stick N Stack’s

An Honest Review of Shape Mags Magnetic Stick N Stack’s

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So, I received the Shape Mags Magnetic Stick N Stack 120 piece Classic Set with 2 wheel bases in exchange for this review. I also received a book with over 100 ideas for what to build with it. This is what I received through Amazon from Shape Mags.

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t 100% sure how long my kids would play with it. My kids are notorious for playing with a new toy for about a day or two and moving on to something else. I was especially worried since this set has so many pieces. I figured they would lose all of them fairly quickly and be done with it. However, I have been pleasantly surprised.

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My oldest is 6 years old and she was so excited to start playing with the set. My three-year old was also excited but given how 3 year olds are, she hasn’t stuck with it as long as her older sister. They both have loved the set and since there are so many things to build with it, they haven’t gotten bored yet.

What I have really loved about this set is that it came with 2 wheel bases and 2 figures. Since I have two kids, this was a lifesaver. Otherwise, they would have been fighting over it and not having much fun.

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Since the set has so many pieces, they have both been able to play and not fight over certain pieces. So far they have had the set for a week and are still asking to play with it. I think they have only lost 2 pieces so far, so that’s a plus!

She says that she likes these toys because “they are magnets and stick together and you can build whatever you want”

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She really liked the book of ideas also. She started building some of the ideas but the set she had didn’t have enough pieces for all the ideas. She was a little disappointed about that.

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She tried to make the yellow dome in the above picture but she didn’t have enough of the triangles. She still made what she could and then pretended it was open to water! Gotta love their imaginations:).

I would say this is definitely a fun and interactive toy for a child maybe 5yrs old and up. My 3 yr old likes it but it doesn’t hold her attention as much as her older sister. Of course not much does!

If you looking for an toy that spurs their imagination and isn’t a million tiny pieces, this is for you. The pieces are big enough that they aren’t everywhere waiting for you to step on but still fun to build and make things for the kids.

You can purchase this same set or a larger set through Amazon.

The sets are a little pricey but they are cheaper through Amazon than the manufacturer website and given all the different things they can do with them, it’s not that expensive. I see a lot of other toys sets with this many pieces for the same price or more.

Do your kids have these types of magnetic toys? Do they like them and still play with them?

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  1. Our kiddos said they had fun playing with them at your house. Thanks for posting this review… maybe we’ll get some – you know, if they’re in the budget. 😊

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