10 Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love

mother's day gift ideas

10 Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love


Mother’s Day will be here before we know it and I haven’t started shopping yet. I’m sure my husband hasn’t either. So, I have created a list of things, I would love and maybe he will get the hint. Even though, I don’t think he even reads my posts:). Here is my list of 10 Mother’s day gifts she will love.

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Mommy Medicine Wine Glass

What mom doesn’t need some “mommy medicine”?

wine glass gift idea


Blessed Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is so pretty. I will have to get one for my mom for Mother’s Day.

coffee mug mother's day gift


Oil Diffuser Necklace

Any oil loving momma would love one of these. It’s incredibly pretty and useful.

oil diffuser necklace

Loving Family Necklace

Every Mother’s Day after having a new baby, my husband gets me a family necklace of some sort. Since, I’m pregnant with number 3, this will probably be my next Mother’s Day gift!

family necklace gift ideas

Grandkids Photo Holder

I had one of these made for my mother and mother-in-law for Christmas one year. They absolutely loved them!

photo holder

Mom Photo Frame

mom photo frame gift idea

Butterfly Sun Catcher

I have a ton of windows and outdoor space at my house so, I would love this.

sun catcher gift ideas

What I Love About Mom Journal

Now that my oldest can write fairly legibly, I would love this. I love seeing what she has to say about me. This journal would be very entertaining!

mom journal gift idea


Happiness Journal

I have been attempting to me more intentional with journaling, planning, and in general being a happier person. This journal is full of inspirational and helps you focus and reflect on what’s important.

journal gift ideas

Amazon Gift Card

If we are being honest, I would love an Amazon gift card. I have numerous books I want to read and I never spend money on myself.

gift idea


What are some things that you would like for Mother’s Day?

PS: If you see my husband, let him know you have some ideas for gifts for me:)!



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  1. I wrote a similar post a couple of days ago, I missed to add the happiness journal though. It sounds great ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My mom would absolutely love a few of these gifts. That mug has her written all over it. Thanks for the suggestions!


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