10 Budget Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Budget Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas


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I always get so frustrated searching for Father’s Day gifts for my hubby. Every time I see a “Father’s Day gift idea” list, it is full of tech stuff that my husband is just not into. My hubby is a guy into anything with an engine, tools, and magazines. I can’t tell you how many magazines he has since he has LITERALLY everyone he has ever had. NO LIE. Ask anyone that knows him. He also doesn’t work in an office, so I can’t get anything for that. So, what in the world do you get a guy like that for Father’s Day?

I set out on a mission to compile a list of items that guys like my hubby would want. Here is my list of things I found.

Engraved Hammer

This one is just so dang cute, I had to include it. I think it would be great to display in a shop or man cave!

hammer, father's day gift

 Best Dad Ever Knife

My husband is constantly losing knives, maybe he wouldn’t lose this one?

Father's day gift



Daddy’s Survival Kit Beer Glass

What dad doesn’t need a custom engraved beer glass?

beer glass father's day

Wallet Ninja 18-1 Multi-purpose Pocket Tool

I don’t know what kind of guy wouldn’t want this thing. It opens beers, cans, and is a tool AND fits in their wallet!

father's day gift idea

Craftsman 100 Piece Drilling and Driving Set

My husband is constantly out in the shop and fixing things around the house. This would be perfect for him. These are things that get broken or lost when using them and you can’t have too many. Any tool loving man would love this set.

drill set father's day


Multipurpose Laser Level

My husband is always needing a level and this multipurpose one with a laser, would be perfect for him.

laser level father's day

Socket  Organizer

My husband has so many tools, it is seriously ridiculous. He has a couple of these and loves them. He probably needs a couple more because he has so many tools.

socket organizer, father's day gift


Storage Drawer Cabinet

My husband has a couple of ones similar to these and is always complaining he needs more. I’m telling you the man has too much crap but hey at least he has intentions of being organized!

storage bin, father's day


Steel Peg Boards

These are always handy if your guy isn’t like my husband and doesn’t have numerous tool boxes or cabinets. They are convenient for handing tools on the wall. My dad stored his tools like this, but his wasn’t steel.

peg board gift ideas

Extension Cord Winder

I actually bought this for my husband 3 years ago. It took him 2 years to finally install and use it and now he wants a couple more. He is incredibly particular about how his cords are put up and this saves him quite a bit of time.

cord winder gift ideas

These are all items that I have either bought for my husband, he wants them or he has bought them himself. What are some other “manly” gift ideas for Father’s Day?


39 comments on “10 Budget Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Awesome ideas! This is really useful for me considering I am always shopping for my father who i swear has everything he will ever need already!

  2. Father’s Day gifts always stump me too, but that hammer is adorable. I’ll have to keep that in mind!

  3. I have done the engraved hammer before with success! Last year was a tshirt saying “I have three daughters you don’t scare me”.

    Thank you for ideas for this year. Just need to pick and go with it…. maybe that cord holder hmmmm

  4. These are such great ideas! I always struggle with knowing what to get my dad every year that’s both thoughtful and budget friendly.

  5. wow, these are all wonderful ideas! I always struggle with not knowing what to get my grandpa for fathers day, I really think he will like the extension cord winder.

  6. Love the ideas! Thanks! I wasn’t sure what to get my dad. But since their house is a mess, I think that organizer cabinet would be the best lol.Thanks for the suggestions!

  7. I bought my dad that 100-piece drill set one year and he just kind of lovingly looked and cradled it. I don’t even know if he ever used it he treated it so special haha! I think he’d love those steel peg boards next.

  8. Seriously, great ideas. I know so many dads that could use alot of these especially the extension cord winder

  9. The survival kit one made me giggle, but I love the extension cord winder, have never seen anything like that before! Great gift ideas, thank you for sharing! 🙂

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