My First Month in Review


My First Month!

I officially launched my blog on Sunday January 8th , 2017 with one post. To say that I was under prepared is an understatement. I decided the Thursday before that I wanted to start a blog and jumped in with both feet. It took me some time to figure out how to create a website let alone promote it. I have to say that I quickly figured things out even after I wanted to give up. I am so happy that I have stuck with it and figured things out.

I have joined a lot of groups with other bloggers and that has helped me tremendously. I would not even have a functioning website if it wasn’t for them. I had so many issues and errors and Google did not help at all. I have genuinely been surprised at how helpful other bloggers have been.

So, my first month’s numbers are pretty good considering that it was really only 3 weeks and I started with one post.

blog update


Total Views: 2,260

Visitors: 989

Subscribers: 40

Top View Referrers:

Facebook: 1,045

Pinterest: 54

StumbledUpon: 34

Search Engines: 32

Twitter: 18

Social Media:

Facebook: 539 likes

Twitter: 115 followers

Pinterest: 300 followers

It was a little frustrating since I certainly felt like I had to ask for a lot of those views. However, given the total for the month, I am pretty pleased. A view is counted for each page that is clicked. So, if you came to my site and clicked on a couple of articles, you caused my views to go up. Considering I had almost 1,000 visitors, I can’t say that I really “asked” for every one of them. It certainly made me pretty happy when I saw the total numbers for the month. I was constantly getting frustrated through the month because I was looking at daily numbers. I guess they all add up at the end.

I can’t wait to see the growth for the next several months! This has definitely been an adventure and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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21 comments on “My First Month in Review

  1. We are definitely in the same boat. But my experience was a little different. I accidently published my blog before it was really done, and within an hour I had like17 views, and so on. But you’re right in the beginning we definitely thrive on blogger to blogger support!

    1. Thank you! I have done a lot of promoting in Facebook groups and just started pinning a ton on Pinterest. This has helped with the majority of my views.

  2. def, getting on groups with others bloggers help a lot. i been blogging almost for a year and four months ago my mmentor told me about the groups and it has help a lot. congrats on your first moth

  3. Great start! Now post consistently and find a few topics that you can keep writing about. Continue with that and you will see those numbers spike and keep growing. Congrats on your decision to blog!

  4. Great job on a successful first month. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by having to ask for views – no one will know your site is here if you aren’t out there telling them, and it takes time to build up the kind of readership that shares for you.

    (I should know – I’ve been at it for ages and still have to ask for shares!)

  5. Great job! Your status are looking good for a newbie! You are I are in the same boat a mere 3 weeks in! I guess we both will have a long journey ahead of us!

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